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General issues

How to buy OmegaX tokens?

At the moment, the project team is negotiating the listing of the token on the cryptocurrency exchanges. You can purchase OmegaX token by filling out an application in the following link.

Why does not the company engage in open ICOs?

ICO transactions are very expensive. In most cases, the ICO transaction costs are covered by the total funds raised and fall on investor’s shoulders. Our company did not start out by attracting investments to the project, but by developing products, which address the needs of the digital economy.

Where can one find project advisors?

Having analyzed the crypto products market, we concluded that advisors do not increase the reliability of the product itself. Financing the operations of well-known advisors requires significant expense that increases risks for any startup. That is why we have decided to do without advisors’ commercial services.


What blockchain does the project use?

OmegaX uses the Hyperledger-based platform, which allows tokens to be issued without smart contracts.

Can one mine OmegaX tokens?

OmegaX tokens cannot be mined. An operated blockchain implies that new blocks in the blockchain cannot be generated by outside servers’ owners.

Why is Hyperledger better than the competition?

Hyperledger is unique in terms of development standards that ensures a high level of security. When platformsthat issue digital assets are licensed, high standardization and certification requirements are imposed on such technologies. With the help of Hyperledger, the company will be prepared for a complete integration with the supranational economy.

What are the advantages of operated blockchains vs. open ones?

The financial industry imposes tough requirements on technology, which needs to comply with KYC and AML, offer a possibility to inherit assets, and a quick transition to a centralized solution in case of a data breach. Today, only operated blockchains can solve such issues and provide an opportunity to fully integrate with the economies of most of the developed countries.

Can one view user transactions?

All user transactions are open and can be viewed, except for personal data, which is confidential. To view all blockchain data blocks, use the Blockchain Explorer.

Token emission

Who can issue tokens?

Only the OmegaX administration can issue tokens. External projects willing to tokenize their assets, should undergo an internal audit, after which they can issue tokens.

Do tokens need to have legal binding?

Token emission without legal binding is not possible. An issued token may have “security” as well as “utility” characteristics. Legal support is available for the projects undergoing tokenization usingthe OmegaX platform.

Are smart contracts available?

For now, smart contracts are not available. We anticipate them to be available in the fall 2018.


Is it possible to make an ICO using our platform?

The OmegaX platform not only allows you to make an ICO, but also obtain all the necessary services for your project such as financing, legal and accounting support, and active marketing.