Airdrop OmegaX 2.0

OmegaX platform is launching the 2nd Airdrop round.

To participate in new OmegaX Airdrop, you need to complete the following tasks:

For all social tasks you will get 50 OMEGAX tokens.

Current token rate is $0,07, and after the airdrop you can exchange, withdraw or use tokens to tokenize your assets.


Between 15th-20th of January the raffle will take place among all the participants and there will be 15,000 tokens in total divided among 3 places:

  • 1st – 7000 tokens;
  • 2nd – 5000 tokens;
  • 3rd – 3000 tokens.

Airdrop will end on 31st of January and all the participants will get tokens to their wallets. Be careful and fill the form properly.